The Silvretta Alps, shot at sundown

Austria, the Mountains Above Galtur

Austrian Adventure

I stepped out of the plane at Innsbruck Airport and saw a runway flanked by snow topped mountains. Innsbruck airport, located in western Austria, may be my favorite in the world due to its stunning location. The airport is closed quite often due to fog, but I was lucky on this occasion, touching down the first time.



The Austrian Tyrol from the air

Galtur at night, nestled beneath the peaks of Gofenspitze and Balunspitze

Galtur at night, nestled beneath the peaks of Gofenspitze and Balunspitze


I chose the village of Galtur as the location for a weeks skiing and touring in the Austiran Tyrol. Galtur is one of the highest villages in the Alps which gave easy access to good height, ideal for the mountain shots I was looking to capture. The drive up to Galtur was pretty spectacular. The route climbed out of the industrial area, headed through tunnels, narrowed, and became more icy as the altitude increased.



Early morning looking down on Galtur and the Silvretta Alps beyond


High up in the mountains looking back across to the snowy peaks of the Silvretta


Skiing down to lake Zeinissee. The water was still enough to capture an awesome reflection of Tafamunter Augstenberg


I lucked out with the light and the weather which allowed me to capture some awesome colors, reflections, and some moody black and whites with long shadows cast by the low sun.

I love the mountains. They are a second home and bring real peace to me. This trip was an end of year wrap up, a reflection on what I have done over the last twelve months, and a start to planning for the coming year. The skiing was pretty awesome too!



The sun falling from the sky in-between Balunspitze and Gorfenspitze


The Silvretta Alps, shot at sundown. The low winter sun cast amazing shadows across the valley

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