Fall Colors Mt Lemmon Tucson AZ

Fall Colors on Mt Lemmon, Tucson AZ

Caleb and I accidentally came across Autumn this past weekend while camping on Mt Lemmon. I was stunned by the beauty of the season. Living in the desert city of Tucson I am not used to such brilliant color and had no expectation of it when we decided to spend the night on the mountain. I did my best to compose some photos of the area to share, but the entirety of the experience is much more than these humble shots can convey. At the bottom of the article I have included a map to the approximate location of where we were at on Mt Lemmon in case you would like to visit these spots yourself.

It was extremely refreshing to walk along the cool mountain trail and soak in these beautiful scenes. I suggest that you go see the fall colors on Mt Lemmon for yourself. However, if you are on the fence about taking such a trip I recommend taking the following one question survey.

Should I Go See the Fall Colors on Mt Lemmon?

1. Are you anywhere near the Tucson, AZ area?

If you answered, “yes,” to #1 then you should definitely go visit the fall colors on Mt Lemmon.

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