Adventure Talks: Chris Davies

In this inaugural episode of Adventure Talks Brian and Robb chat it up with outdoor and sport photographer Chris Davies.  We are excited to have Chris share with us after seeing several of his stunning images on Google+. Discussion ranges from Chris’s journey into professional photography, the top three considerations when composing an excellent photograph (hint: the subject is 3rd most important), as well as a host of other topics such as inspiration and influence, camera talk, the environment, and more…

Thanks to Chris for his graciousness with our first real attempt at a Google Hangout. We look forward to catching up in the future!

Conversation Highlights:

02:16 Chris’s background and transition to professional photography

08:51 The importance of taking genuine interest in your subject

10:07 Chris shares his three priorities when framing a shot

14:03 HDR photography, friend or foe?

15:43 Shooting with the Fuji x100 fixed-lens camera

18:43 The intersection of risk and action shots

22:47 Patience in a snap happy digital age 

27:25 Inspiration, influence, and the environment

Chris Davies Gallery

Chris was kind enough to allow us to post some of his photos below. We selected a handful of our favorites to share with you, but make sure and check out Chris’s official site to see his wider collection of images.

Chris Davies Photography

Chris Davies Photography

<em>The Pyrenees Mountains Before a Storm</em> by Chris Davies Photography

<em>Climbing Clee Hill at Sunset</em> by Chris Davies

<em>Set Me free</em> by Chris Davies Photography

<em>Return to Base</em> by Chris Davies Photography

Resources mentioned in the video:

02. Chris on Instagram
03. Chris’s ski photo that initially caught our attention
04. Chris’s blog post about going pro
05. Chris’s photo blog site
06. Climbing Clee Hill at Sunset, photo
07. The Crash Reel Official Trailer
08. Find Your Canvas, inspirational graphic
09. Steve McCurry
10. Jordan Manley
11. Chasing Ice, film

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