Life is Calling to be Lived

Life is Calling

I have recently been attracted to different movementsthat operate under the concept of less is moreI cant seem to get away from blogs about minimalism or videos about tiny houses. And after indulging in these various voices, I cant help but want to throw away all of my stuff, move my family into a three hundred square-foot apartment, ride my bike everywhere, and never spend a dime on anything unless I absolutely have to.

I tell my wife about my in-the-moment ambitions and we imagine together the possibilities of a less is more lifestyle. What an adventure it would be! Oh, the money we would save! And we would be able to teach our son the value of the less is more concept not just through our words, but through real life experience.

We dream and wonder for a while, but as quickly as the ambition comes, the ambition often goes when we see some item on the internet that we cannolive without. 

I like to think that I am not the only one who has gone through this cycle.

Buying Boredom


I believe there is something inside of us that is bored with all the junk filling our lives. We are bored with the iPhone, the laptop, the TV, the Netflix, the closet full of clothes that continues to expand, and etc. We sit around waiting for the newest version of our latest gadget only to find ourselves bored with that same item months later.

Junk might sound like a strong word choice, but I currently have a storage shed full of stuff that I have no plans of using anytime soon. We just moved into our current home and all we did was move our storage items from one storage area to another. These items sat in the old storage shed for years and unless we get rid of them, they will continue to follow us unused and safely stored. We would not even consider moving into a house unless it had a place where we could store all these possessions we never use.

If we never use it, then it is useless. If it is useless to me, then it is junk to me and is probably of better use to someone else. 

What is that Noise?

So, what is this something that has grown bored of all our junk? I think this something is called life. When life is not truly being lived, boredom occurs. Then, life starts yelling and calling from within us, trying to make its way out and we become unsettled. We try to calm the unease with a new object, which works for a short time, but usually leads to an even more unsettled state.

The only real cure is to give into the beckoning of life.

Step outside and feel the warmth of the sun on your skin or the cool wet of an afternoon drizzle. Walk to the nearby park, take your shoes off, and feel the green grass on the bare soles of your feet. Go for a walk or bike ride through your neighborhood and see what there is to be seen. There is probably more than you think.

Once you answer the call to life, you answer the call to adventure and your problem of boredom will subside. If you are truly living life, the need for stuff diminishes and the less is more concept begins to make sense. Once this shift occurs, living a minimalist lifestyle (perhaps inside of a tiny house) may seem possible and even desirable.

So, what are we waiting for? Lets answer the call to life, the call to adventure

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About The Author

Kai Eilert lives in Tucson, AZ with his wife, Annette, and son, Myles. He is a student at the University of Arizona working on his undergraduate degree in Creative Writing. His blog, LIfe Learner, is his avenue for sharpening his writing skills and inspiring people to live life as if every moment is a new one with something valuable to learn.
  • Averi Melcher

    Love your support of the minimalist movement! I found I had a hard time focusing on my life calling (to travel, to be an artist) if my life is too cluttered. I’m inspired by your challenge to tell others to actually find life, not a temporary solution to boredom.

    I just wrote a post about my journey to a minimalism life via feng shui on