Line in the Sand

Line in the Sand

Today I was working at my handmade standing desk, occupied with a good project, on a fancy computer in a relaxed environment, when I looked out the second story window of my workplace to see brooding clouds rolling in over Pikes Peak. Heavy clouds rolling down charred and flood-ravaged foothills, sweeping over the not so far away roof of my home and the head of my sweet wife, tirelessly caring for three innocent foster children caught in an inefficient system. Clouds breaking early in the summer, refreshing a drought-stricken city with green life.

As the clouds rolled closer, recent months’ accumulated life fatigue rolled over me. Thirty-two and frustrated, restless. Commuting, working, hitting the coffee machine, eating, sleeping, repeating. This is the life I’ve been told to live, not the one I want to live.

Leaving my wife and family behind every day to care for them isn’t good enough. Living life around the edges of an industrial-floor-inspired schedule isn’t living. The best hours are given to an organization whose end goal will ultimately be its own.

Why Ruin Your Knees?

Ruin Your Knees is a goal, a lifestyle. It’s me setting my ambition on freedom.

We live in an age of opportunity, those willing to fight for dreams can have them. I will not be corporate America’s debtor for long. My family will have their Dad home each day. We will explore, create, take risks and challenge ourselves. We will live.

Clouds wash thirsty Colorado Springs today, fire burns in my chest.

How will you live?

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