The Adventure




Adventure is dragging ourselves out of bed and facing the day to day.

Adventure is climbing a mountain pass and feeling dizzy from altitude.

Adventure is that moment when a dream emerges and we feel it flood our senses.

Adventure is knowing that we are in over our heads and doing it anyway.

Adventure is trying and failing.

Adventure is choosing to find joy in the midst of struggle.

Adventure is a sunset that humbles us by its extravagance.

And for you?

So how about you? What does adventure mean in your life? I would be curious to hear what you think. You can leave your comments below, or connect with us on Facebook.

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About The Author

Robb Erickson
works as digital marketer. In his free time Robb likes to stay active and explore the outdoors. Two of Robb's most memorable backpacking trips are hiking in the Chicago Basin and soaking in the falls near Havasupai.