Repair Rebel Multitool

Repair Rebel Bicycle Multitool: Up & Coming

For those looking to build or overhaul their biking toolkit, consider the promising Repair Rebel multitool. Created by recent college graduate, Thomas Smafield, the Repair Rebel looks to be a quality entry into the cycling tool market. Here are three reasons to give the Repair Rebel a good look:


The Repair Rebel features a healthy 24 tool functions. 9 Hex heads, 8 hex bolt wrenches, Phillips and flat head screwdrivers, T25 Tork Head, and 4 spoke keys. And while the Repair Rebel isn’t meant to replace your toolbox, 24 tool functions will definitely help out during on-the-fly riding situations and for quick adjustments around the shop.


Most multitools pack a nice punch for their size and weight. However, if every ounce is important to you then you will be pleased to know that the Repair Rebel weighs an ultralight 85 grams (That’s the same as 0.19 pounds or 3 oz)

Efficient Design

The aesthetically pleasing Repair Rebel is made from a solid cast of titanium with no moving parts. What this translates to is simplicity, durability, and no fold out “swiss army” style extensions. The Repair Rebel comes with a mounting cord and is designed to fit underneath a bike seat, in a tool bag, or strapped on a backpack.

Thomas is currently fundraising through a Kickstarter campaign in order to put the Repair Rebel into production. The cost for a Repair Rebel is a minimum pledge of 25 dollars or 35 dollars for International backers.   Check out the Repair Rebel kickstarter page for all the info.

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