Dorcy Twin Globe LED Lantern

Dorcy Twin Globe LED Lantern Review

Overall Score
85 %

A good LED lantern at a reasonable price.

Quality / Durability 85%
Brightness 85%
Price 85%

Traditional lanterns involve flames. People with small children tend to find flames a source of stress.  Such is my current stage of life, so I was pleased when Dorcy asked me to review their twin globe LED lantern.

Having owned one other battery powered lantern, and carrying nostalgic feelings towards gas lanterns, testing out a newer, affordable LED lantern proved enjoyable.

Dorcy’s twin globe LED lantern offers a reasonable price for a simple, functional light suitable for car camping and around the house.

LEDs seem safer (read: kid-friendly) than the traditional gas / mantel lantern, and Dorcy’s light is even waterproof – it floats!

Dorcy Twin Lantern LED

Dorcy Twin Lantern LED

Dorcy LED Lantern Features

  • Two brightness settings plus amber night light
  • Waterproof
  • 360 degree light
  • 350 hour runtime for single globe
  • 175 hour runtime for dual twin globe
  • 600 hour runtime for amber night light
  • Handle with pop-out hanger hook
  • Takes 4 D batteries

A Good Lantern for Car Camping

Dorcy claims this is the first battery operated lantern to approximate the illumination characteristics of traditional gas / mantel lanterns. I’m no expert on lanterns, but found the Dorcy lantern pleasant to use, and of a good brightness.

Activities and games around a picnic table, or other typical car camping situations should work.  As with other lanterns I’ve used, anything outside of the immediate light sphere may need a secondary light.  A dim light does cast wider, but it isn’t bright enough to, say, play a game of cards. Still, if the lantern is elevated, an impressively wide, functional light sphere is cast (up to 15′ or 20′ perhaps).

The modes are simple: single globe, twin globe and amber nightlight.  The single globe offers a nice brightness and longer battery life than twin globe. Those with fearful little campers, or needing very low light will find the amber night light mode a handy option.

A Good Lantern for Parents with Kids

LED lighting provides extra safety for small children who might be tempted to investigate a lantern. Plus, not having to successfully light a traditional lantern is a stress saver.

This is a good lantern at a reasonable price. 

Learn more about Dorcy’s waterproof lantern.

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