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Teva Riva eVent Hiking Boot Review

Overall Score
91 %

The Teva Riva eVent is a comfortable, versatile, and pleasantly stylish hiking boot that gets the job done on and off the trail. And to top it all off the Riva eVent is waterproof.

Performance 95%
Fit/Comfort 90%
Quality/Durability 91%
Style 93%
Price 86%

Ruin Your Knees Serious Gear AwardThe Teva Riva eVent hiking boot is versatile and stylish. I originally purchased my pair of Riva eVents about two and half years ago* in preparation for a hike to Powell Plateau on the northern rim of the Grand Canyon. Since then I have spent time hiking in the Arizona wilderness, traversing Colorado mountain passes, and walking the occasional day hike. Most recently I hiked to Seven Falls in the Catalina Mountains wearing my Teva Riva’s.

To summarize my experience with these boots,    “I am very pleased with my purchase and they have served my feet well.” The Teva Riva eVent boots currently serve as my primary hiking shoes.


Teva Riva eVent Boot: Company Product Specifications

  • TYPE: Hiking Boot/Shoe
  • WEIGHT: 16 oz
  • Vibram® rubber outsole
  • Aggressive lug design
  • Nylon shank for torsional rigidity and stability
  • eVent® waterproof breathable membrane keeps feet dry and cool
  • Gusseted tongue prevents water from penetrating to the foot
  • Waterproof nubuck and suede leather upper
  • Mush® Infused Insole provides signature Teva comfort
  • External Shoc Pad™ in the heel for enhanced shock absorption
  • Widened fit at the forefoot allows the foot to breath and flex freely
  • Rubber toe wrap for increased durability and protection
  • Full grain leather lining

Teva Riva eVent Boot: Fit and Feel

In terms of fit and feel, I have found the Riva eVent boot to be comfortable and protective. I appreciate the low top design and I love the somewhat casual feel this boot offers. The Riva eVent has never felt like a burdensome piece of armor strapped to my foot, but at the same time it has felt sturdy and durable when I’m on the trail. In other words, the Riva eVent strikes an excellent balance between movement, comfort, and protection.

I also appreciate the Vibram soles on these boots.  I have found the soles and tread to be quite grippy as I like to scramble up rocky outcroppings and such. Another plus is the way the rubber wraps up and guards the roomy toe box. After over two years of occasional use (Some casual and some rigorous) the rubber on the toe box is beginning to peel back a bit, but that is an acceptable amount of use/wear in my opinion. Also, the rubber sole is beginning to separate from the shoe in a couple of places. Once again, an acceptable use/wear ratio in my opinion.

Teva Riva eVent Boot: Appearance and Use

In terms of appearance, the look of the Teva Riva eVent boot is stylishly rugged. You can wear these boots around town or perhaps even to work without worrying that you look like a vagabond. In fact, if you take time to read the bunches of reviews written by other owners of the Riva eVent’s you will find many people wear these boots for all types of occasions, not just hiking. Personally, I wear these boots mostly for hiking type activities, but I can see why you might wear the Riva eVent’s to work in a snowy/wet city, or around the yard, etc.

Besides a nice look and feel, the Teva Riva event’s also feature a waterproof eVent membrane. Keep in mind that this boot is a low top so you aren’t going to wade across any rushing rivers. However, the Riva eVent’s should work well for an occasionally sloppy trail and other similarly wet environments. Personally, I haven’t had to test the waterproofing for the most part as I live in the Southwest, but I have out of curiosity dipped these boots in streams and such to test them out and my foot stayed dry. If waterproofing isn’t a concern for you there is another version of the Riva shoes called the Riva Mesh. It is a similar (less expensive) shoe without the waterproof membrane.

And Speaking of other Riva shoes, there is actually a whole family of Riva’s offered by Teva. Teva has modified each version of the Riva to fill a slightly different niche. The five versions of the Teva Riva are: Riva eVent, Riva Leather eVent, Riva Mesh, Riva Leather Mid eVent, and the Riva Winter Mid WP. Whatever your outdoor goals may be you will likely find a Riva that fits your needs.

Kicking back in my Riva eVent's at Seven Falls, Tucson AZ.

Kicking back in my Riva eVent’s at Seven Falls, Tucson AZ.

Teva Riva eVent Boot: The Bottom Line

The Teva Riva eVent is a comfortable, versatile, and pleasantly stylish hiking boot. The consensus from my experience and from the reviews around the web is that the Riva eVent is a solid choice for most outdoor enthusiasts. This is a hiking boot that can get the job done on and off the trail. Having personally worn these boots over many miles and trails I highly recommend it. The Teva Riva eVent is listed at $140

*Because its been a couple of years, I emailed Teva to make sure a review of my 2011 Riva’s would still be applicable today and they responded 9/3/13 by saying, “…the last of the shoe is the same so they should have the same fit and feel as the 2011 Riva.” I also went to the store and looked at a pair of Riva eVent’s on the shelf and I didn’t notice any differences from my pair.

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