Black Diamond ReVolt Headlamp

Black Diamond Revolt Headlamp Review

Information! This is a researched gear review for the Black Diamond ReVolt headlamp. Researched gear reviews are based solely upon information and critiques found online. We take the time to read, sort, and make sense of all the voices out there – providing you with a well-rounded review of the gear you’re interested in.

Black Diamond ReVolt: Features

Perhaps the biggest draw to the Black Diamond ReVolt is that this headlamp comes with rechargeable AAA NiMH batteries that you juice up within the headlamp unit itself using a USB port. For lengthier trips the ReVolt also comes with standard AAA Alkaline batteries which give you a longer power supply then the included rechargeable cells. 50hrs vs 10hrs on max brightness according to Backpacker Magazine. And to round out your battery options the Black Diamond ReVolt headlamp also supports AAA lithium batteries. It is also worth noting that according to the ReVolt headlamp user instructions only Black Diamond Revolt NimH rechargeable batteries will charge inside the headlamp, this is contrary to a comment made by Backpacker Magazine in the link above.

Another nice power feature of the ReVolt headlamp is the handy three-level power meter located on the side of the headlamp. When you turn on the ReVolt, the power meter displays green (More then 50% power remaining), Orange (25-50% power remaining), or Red (Less then 25% power remaining).

In addition to its rechargeable capabilities, the Black Diamond ReVolt headlamp also sports other nifty features. For example, the ReVolt gives you the ability to lock the headlamp so it doesn’t turn on by accident and drain your batteries leaving you feeling like this poor guy. However, once you do decide to turn on the ReVolt headlamp you will find yourself in control of many lighting options.

These lighting options include settings such as full strength in proximity and distance modes, dimming, strobe, and red night vision that activates without accessing the white mode. Navigate all these light modes by registering the correct sequence of clicks via one button located on the top of the headlamp. I would suggest you spend some time familiarizing yourself with the patterns before heading out into the wild. It is also worth noting: with the provided NiMH batteries the ReVolt headlamp maxes out at 90 lumens, but with Alkaline batteries the ReVolt can beam out as much as 110 lumens.

Black Diamond ReVolt: Colors

Let’s take a minute to soak in the “metallic citron” hue of the ReVolt headlamp. Did you think about Halo yet? I did and its probably because the ReVolt headlamp looks like it belongs on Master Chief’s chiseled space armor. In my book that is good thing. However, for others who may want a more toned down look, the ReVolt also comes in matte black, titanium, or ultra white shades.

Black Diamond ReVolt Headlamp: The buzz

In terms of general feedback, most reviewers hold the Black Diamond ReVolt as a great headlamp. In fact, the Black Diamond ReVolt received, “Editor’s Choice,” from Backpacker Magazine and Trail Runner Magazine as well as, “Gear of the Year,” from Backpacker Magazine says that, “In terms of bang for buck,” the ReVolt is a, “Really good deal.”

With these positive reviews in mind as well as citing the many features supported by the ReVolt, I would say that this headlamp is worth taking a look at it; especially if you are interested in its rechargeable capabilities. The Black Diamond Equipment ReVolt headlamp is listed at $60 at the time of this posting.

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    The revolt batteries are just rechargeables that have the plastic cut off the end. Cut off about 1/4 inch and they will charge. Tell your friends…