On April 6, 2011 Roger Strong triggered an avalanche while skiing in the Washington backcountry. The snow swept Roger headfirst through trees and down the mountain side. Lucky to be alive Roger spent three and half months in a wheel chair recovering from his significant injuries. One year after the accident Roger revisits the site of the avalanche and reflects on his experience. Will he ski again? Will he climb? Should he still seek out the mountains?

Framed through the eyes of Roger Strong, this film is intimate and understated. Strong, doesn’t glorify the accident or prop Roger up as some sort of adventure king. Rather, Strong takes a poignant look at the intersection of passion, risk, and responsibility. Many of us know the weight of navigating these topics and I appreciate the way this film engages them. For a short film (less then 8 minutes) Strong has a depth that leaves you quiet at the end. Watch this film, and, as it says, “This year be safe, but be wild.”

Film Credits:

A Duct Tape Then Beer production
Directed by Fitz Cahall
Filmed by Bryan Smith, Nasa Koski, Dave Burdick and Austin Siadak
Written by Jen Altschul and Fitz Cahall
Edited by Austin Siadak
Sound and color by Nasa Koski

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Robb Erickson
works as digital marketer. In his free time Robb likes to stay active and explore the outdoors. Two of Robb's most memorable backpacking trips are hiking in the Chicago Basin and soaking in the falls near Havasupai.