Tomorrow Somewhere New: A Lesson of Finding More in Less

Josh and Jessa Works decided to make a dramatic change to their predictable suburban lifestyle. The couple sold most of their possessions, bought an Airstream trailer, and set out for adventure. Taking their young son Jack along for the journey the Works began a tour of U.S. National Parks. No longer bound to an address this young family finds something special in having less and exploring more.

Are we living to build half acre kingdoms?

Watching Tomorrow Somewhere New reminds me of an observation I made while flying to Colorado to visit my brother, Brian. I was sitting window seat on the flight and I noticed a row of houses thousands of feet below. From my sky high perspective these properties seemed plain and their boundaries restrictive. The houses appeared especially modest when compared to the majesty of the rugged mountains I also witnessed from the plane.


Photo: “5/30/11” by Danielle Buma. CC by 2.0

Looking at those homes I reflected on how consuming owning just a sliver of earth can be. And on a deeper level I was challenged by the question, “What do I want to spend my life on behalf of?”

I appreciate that Tomorrow Somewhere New  implicitly encourages us to reflect on our own lives and priorities. The point of the video is not, “Should we have a house or not have a house?” And it’s also not a command to sell all our stuff. The real challenge I find in Tomorrow Somewhere New is a call to live intentionally for the things that matter to us.

So, thanks Josh, Jess, and Jack for sharing a bit of your journey with the rest of us. I appreciate the gentle nudge to focus on the more in my own life.

So what’s the more in your life and what are you doing to live it? Please share your perspective in the comments section at the bottom of the page.

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