Backyard hammocks don’t exactly make great trail hammocks, so I was happy when Teton Sports sent over the ultralight Firefly Hammock and Rover Rope Tree Slings to test out, immediately trying them out on a trail run and at the mercy of my hyper children.

A friend and I brought the Firefly Hammock along on a morning trail run in the mountains.

The Firefly hammock packs down to about the size of a 20 oz. Yeti rambler, the slings even smaller. Previously, I’d purchased an Eno Sub7 hammock with Atlas slings and the opposite was true: the hammock packed down smaller than the tree slings.

The Rover Rope Tree Slings (left) and Firefly Hammock next to a Yeti 20 oz. rambler.
The Rover Rope Tree Slings (left) and Firefly Hammock next to a Yeti 20 oz. rambler.

Ultralight Hammocks are Simple

Ultralight hammocks are very straightforward. A durable strap and a thin hammock fabric with some light carabiners provide a portable way to chill out with minimal fuss.

We brought the Firefly and Eno Sub 7 hammocks along on a family hike in order to compare.

Eno Sub 7 and Firefly Hammocks: A Few Differences

It’s hard to go wrong with any modern gear, but we can get an idea of the Firefly hammock’s value by comparing it to the well known Eno brand.

The Firefly Hammock is Bigger

While the Eno Sub 7 packs down smaller, the Firefly offers much more room to lounge. I’m 6’7″ and had plenty of room to spare. Still, it’s the Eno hammock is very comfortable, but it’s a noticeable difference in wiggle room.

Rover Rope Tree Slings vs. Atlas Tree Slings

Teton Sports also sent us some streamlined Rover Rope tree slings. They are much smaller and lighter than the Atlas tree slings from Eno. The Atlas slings are probably overkill and may actually be intended for camping hammock support, I’m not sure. Maybe I bought the wrong slings for the Eno hammock.

Rover Rope Tree Slings

The Rover Rope slings consist of a sturdy nylon strap with some camping paracord tied to one end and knotted into loop segment. I was confused about this at first, but the cord is stronger than it appears, supporting a person’s weight. I’m 200 lbs. and the setup worked. When possible, clipping to the sturdier looking strap seems preferred.

The Firefly Hammock is Cheaper

At $40 ($29 on Amazon), the Firefly appears to run about $20-$30 cheaper than some of the Eno hammocks. In fact, Teton Sports gear appears to be reasonably priced across the board.


It’s hard to go wrong with any hammock. For the quality, price, and fun we can definitely recommend the Teton Sports Firefly Hammock as well as the Rover Rope tree slings.