Let’s cut to the chase: a pop up tent can be pitched in minutes. I endured mosquito attacks to demonstrate the truth of this claim:

An Affordable and Easy Pop Up Tent

Teton Sports sent the Vista 2 Quick Tent over for us to try and threw in a hammock and slings just for fun. I’ve wanted to try a pop up tent ever since a friend of mine told me he takes one on motorcycle trips and pitches the tent in minutes or even seconds.

My kids and I tested out the tent in our yard, basement and at a state park.

The kids helped me test out the tent for backyard camping.

A Good Grown-up and Kids Tent

Firstly, for those wondering what to do with kids couped up at home, it’s worth noting the Vista 2 Quick Tent makes a good kids pop up tent as well as a backyard camping tent.

Our kids have enjoyed putting up the tent in the yard as well as the basement. It has provided a fun play tent, good camping practice, as well as distraction from current pandemic restrictions.

Putting in the tent stakes.

Pop Up Tent Features

Built-in Tent Poles

Instead of separate tent poles, the Vista 2 Quick Tent poles are integrated into the tent itself, they don’t come apart. This design allows the tent to “pop up” by simply locking a couple poles and pulling on a drawstring.

Collapsing the tent is as easy as pushing on a gray release tab and nearby pole.

This hub makes the magic happen with the pop up tent poles.

We pitched this tent in minutes at a state park, just as dusk was falling. After being on the road for over 10 hours, having a tent ready to go in no time was a nice plus.

Tent Weight

As expected, the pop up tent pole system does add some weight to the tent. In general, the two person Vista 2 Quick Tent weighs about the same as a three person backpacking tent and is best suited for car camping though a determined backpacker could manage it on a hike.

My kids and I weighed this tent as well as a couple three person backpacking tents we own for comparison. Here’s how they compare:

Vista 2 Quick Tent: 6.8lbs

Alps Aries 3: 8.4lbs I store the Alps Tent Floor Saver in with this tent so the weight was about 13oz. more than the tent by itself.

Kelty Circuit 3: 6lbs

The Alps Aries 3 out in the wild on a family backpacking trek.

Cot Compatible

We didn’t try it, but the Vista 2 is also compatible with cot camping. The Universal Camp Cot should work with this tent.


If you are looking for an easy-to-use and reasonably priced 2 person tent, consider the Teton Sports Vista 2 Quick Tent. This wouldn’t be my first choice for backpacking or severe weather, but it’s a great option for car camping and also kid-friendly, which could help save sanity this summer!


  • Easy pop up tent
  • Rainfly installs quickly and easily
  • “Attic” storage
  • Fun for kids to use
  • Reasonably priced


  • Tent length is a bit short. Anyone over 6ish feet may have trouble fitting.
  • Bad weather may give this tent a challenge